Who We Be..

2008 A.B. The Genesis. Like all great beginnings, this is no exception. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Nova, Grizz, Ill Ego and Scrap collectively known as the Bunch Wreck Crew. Coming out of the greater Los Angeles area these 4 emcees will make any hip hop fan proud irrespective of your locale. Growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s, an explosive time for hip hop, they each knew early on that their love for music and the hip hop culture was more than a passion, so much as a calling. Scrap and Nova first met in junior high and became fast friends largely in part because of their love of music. Illego and Grizz are cousins and grew up fully intent and aware of how hip hop would be the foundation of their success. As divine intervention would have it, these 4 landed at the same high school and it quickly became evident to them that they had the makings of something special. So, In 2002 the guys decided to take their love for music more serious and form The Bunch Wreck Crew. They have been honing their craft ever since. Illego and Scrap are the production team that gives this group a distinctly West Coast sound. They also lend their talents to the mic. Scrap’s flow embodies the spirit of a hustler which is evident in his delivery. Illego is a true lyricist able to captivate you no matter the topic. Nova effortlessly rides each track with a seductive flow, while Grizz lays back understated killing you softly with his picturesque delivery. Whether performing at shows, recording collectively or as guests on other artists projects, they have been generating a well-respected buzz. They say timing is everything…it’s time… Welcome to the Bunch Show!

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