BM: Do The Math

Today is the last sampler that we’re putting out until we hit you over the head in a whole other direction next week. This is another joint out of the Wreck Crew vault, so turn up them speakers and bang out. Nova, Ego and Scrap handle duties on this once again.

Wreck Crew | Do The Math | Download Here


BM: Grind Year Round

Another B.U Banger for ya. This one is called Grind Year Round, which is what they do, might as well have a theme song for it. Nova, Ego and Scrap get down on this one.

Wreck Crew | Grind Year Round | Download Here

BM: Real Spittaz

As we continue you on, more flavor from the Wreck. Today’s sampler is Real Spittaz, because thats what’s featured on the track. Ego, Grizz, and Scrap get it in, and you already know who’s on the beat. B.U. All Day

Wreck Crew | Real Spittaz | Download Here

BM: So Official

What it is. Here’s some more new piping hot heat from The Wreck. They’ve got a plethora of material, so we’ll keep sending out this sample plates till you only hunger for more Bunch Bangers. Its all a process people, get familiar.

The Bunch Wreck Crew | So Official (Produced By Scrego) |Download Here

BV: Ego | You Love My Style

Here’s a clip on Ego laying down the bars for “You Love My Style”, and as usual, he goes in.  We’ll post up the jam a lil later on.

Welcome To The Show

No need to play around, lets get right to it. This is the official blog for the Wreck Crew. Music, videos and more will all be here. We will be shittin on the comp from here on out, so might as well start with a song for the occasion. New Shit, pun intended.

Wreck Crew | I Dump | Download Here